Waiting for Bigfoot

Bigfoot FAQ

What are some other names for the "Bigfoot" creatures?
- Big Hairy Monsters, Sasquatch, Yeti. Other related terms: Yowie Man, Jinka, Witiko, Wendigo, Abonimable Snowman, Monkey Man, Fouke Monster, Boogy Monster, Honey Island Monster, and MoMo to name a few.

Who took the first film footage of Bigfoot?
- In 1967, researchers Patterson and Gimlin filmed a Bigfoot walking along Bluff Creek, California using 16mm film.

What geographical areas does Bigfoot inhabit?
- In North America, there have been Bigfoot sightings in every US state except Hawaii. Eight of Canada's thirteen provinces have reported sightings of Sasquatch.

How many sightings have occurred?
- Native Americans told stories of hairy forest-dwelling creatures for hundreds of years before European settlers arrived to North America. In the last century, there have been thousands of reported sightings in the US and Canada. Certainly there are many more unreported ones.

Where do most sightings occur?
- Most North American Bigfoot sightings occur along the West Coast, in regions of Washington, Oregon, and California.

How many Bigfoot exist?
- Cryptozoologists estimate that between 2000-6000 Bigfoot exist in North America.

- Cryptozoology is the study of unknown or hidden animals, like Bigfoot or Loch Ness Monster.

Have you ever seen Bigfoot?
- Not yet.

Where can I learn more about Bigfoot research?
The Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization
The Cryptozoologist
Texas Bigfoot Research Center